On a brighter note

My dad is actually talking to me now after one week of giving me the silent treatment. 

He came home Friday night from work, where he saw me opening up to my mom in the living room and telling her everything that’s been going on lately, and that was seriously one of the most emotional nights I’ve had with my mom. He didn’t know what was going on but I figured he had a clue. He didn’t talk to me or anything but while my mom was giving me words of wisdom to comfort me, he was just there, doing his own thing, instead of leaving the room since he couldn’t even stand being in the same room as me a couple days ago. 

Nikki picked me up that night and my dad sent me a text around 2 in the morning saying, “If you’re still out, can you buy me some dessert from Wal-mart, thanks.”

Just the fact that he didn’t give a shit I was out that late and even asked me to buy him some dessert made me realize that good things really does happen even if I feel like everything is going wrong and hit rock bottom. He knows what I was going through, most likely because my mom told him everything while I was gone, and he was so compassionate about it and made sure that he wouldn’t make things harder for me by staying upset with me any longer, because knowing me, he knows that I wouldn’t make the same mistake again and put him and my mom through a situation like that again. 

My parents are so understanding and so considerate with the choices I make in life, I don’t know how much more blessed I can be. 

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